Not all domain names are distinctive enough to incorporate into a corporate advertising campaign. If you would like to participate in the development of any of the names listed please contact us at 800.696.4250.

What Makes a Memorable Domain Name

It is assumed that the domain name will not necessarily be the company name but rather it will be used in addition to the company name for marketing purposes. For example, a company, the xyc corporation which makes the ultimate widget, would have chosen as a primary domain name but would also have point to the corporate site. Some corporations currently have hundreds of domain names which direct people to their web site(s).

Estimating the value of a domain name is a multi-step process which covers many subjective areas. In an attempt to provide consistency in our evaluation and to work to better understand the market we have identified some characteristics of domain names. We muse be able to remember, advertise, spell, and say, the name and the name should be descriptive and able to propagate through the target audience.

Any reference to a domain name in the following text is for illustrative purposes only.


When the name is seen in a list does it relate to what the user would naturally look for?
i.e. would be ok for a site that evaluates banks because the words in the domain name state the intent of the site. Viewers of the site would be comfortable choosing this domain name from a list when they were looking for an evaluation of banks.


Can the name be easily advertised to the target market?
i.e. would not appeal to the same market as Consider the habits and preferences of the customers which are being approached by the advertising.

Is the name easy to say in conversation, radio, etc.?
Does the name sound the same as it is spelled or must the name be described after being said? A hyphen in a name is a killer in this case. There may be good reasons to obtain a name with a hyphen in it but we suggest owning both the hyphenated and non-hyphenated names in that case.

Would a person remember the name once they’ve become aware of it?
Whether they have become aware of the name through a conversation, radio, tv, billboard or in a display ad on the computer, they must remember the name at a later date so that they can navigate to the web site.

Can a person easily spell the domain name?
The shorter the name the better the probability that it will be typed correctly. Also, a name made up of short easy to spell words may be a better choice than a name with one word which is difficult to spell. i.e. We would probably choose instead of because the likelyhood of a typo in GoTo is small and the probability of spelling Overture incorrectly is greater.

Would a user be inclined to promote it to others?
Word of mouth advertising is important because it contains a natural recommendation. Consider the target market for the name.

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