Not all domain names are distinctive enough to incorporate into a corporate advertising campaign. We have selected a few which we plan to develop. If you would like to participate in the development of any of the names listed please contact us at 800.696.4250.


What can we say but that we have yet to see an appraisal system which works well. We have found that there is little uniformity in the appraised amount from one system to another. In addition, appraisal systems do not take into account the importance of the name to the potential owner. For example, having a domain name like may not appraise well but if it is the name of a product in a company's line then it is much more important to the company than to anyone else.

If you do wish to pay for an appraisal be sure to understand the criterea for determining the price and the qualifications of the person doing the appraisal. Please do not ask us to provide an appraisal from another 3rd party source. We will not reccomend a service nor endorse any appraisal service. If you need an appraisal then select a service and get one. You must be clear on the value and suitability of the domain name which you are interested in using. In our experience, no one can do this for you.

Our determination of a value for a domain name is based on our evaluation of the market and the characteristics of a name as described on our How to Choose a Domain Name page. We recognize that it is not infallable and therefore are open to discussions on the value of any of our domain names. If you have an interest in any of our names please do not hesitate to call or send us an email.

If you are interested in using any of our domain names and would like to discuss this issue further contact us at: 800.696.4250 is owned and operated by Andro Industries, Inc.
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